Soapstone Tiles & Mosaics

Radiant Stone Heat is Seattle’s only dealer for Tulikivi soapstone tiles and tile mosaics. Tulikivi soapstone tiles are a natural choice for covering not only floors and walls, but also for stairs, porches and saunas. The stones don’t echo sound, stand up well to temperature changes, and they don’t absorb water in moist areas. The stone’s surface is not slippery, even when wet, and its soft touch feels good beneath bare feet. Finnish, velvet-matte soapstone tile is excellent for the floors of bathrooms and other wet spaces because it is not slippery, even when wet. Thanks to its heat retaining properties, Tulikivi soapstone tile is the unrivaled choice for rooms with radiant in-floor heating. 

The Tulikivi soapstone tile mosaics can be used to make stunning surfaces and accentuate borders. The tiles can also be used for the curving shapes of a bathtub.