Tulikivi soapstone fireplaces are an easy-to-install UL-listed appliance

As a UL-listed appliance Tulikivi soapstone fireplaces do not need to be permitted after they are installed. They are classified as a masonry heater and approved by the State of Washington for use in homes.

We can easily install a Tulikivi soapstone fireplace in two to three days

Tulikivi soapstone fireplaces are easy to install during a new build or major home renovation. The fireplaces come as a kit direct from the manufacturer in Finland. Radiant Stone owner and master mason Marinko Kordich will install them on site. Marinko has more than 30 years of experience as a mason working on residential and commercial projects across the Puget Sound.

Tulikivi soapstone fireplace installation video

Tulikivi installation requirements


  • The air duct of any optional outside air kit will be installed through the foundation, and will bring the outside air below the ash box of the fireplace. The foundation must be level, straight and even and made of concrete. The concrete must be cured before the installation of the fireplace.

  • The foundation must be insulated against moisture from the ground. The foundation must be smooth and level to within a tolerance of ± 1mm across the width and length of the fireplace. Corrections of 1-4 mm in height can be made using metal strips, otherwise the foundation must be leveled out with a suitable grout and allowed to cure before the installation.

  • The foundation must be able to support the weight of the fireplace, benches and flue without buckling (approx. 1 ton per m2.) Reinforcements must be made if necessary. The foundation must have the same dimensions as the fireplace’s footprint or 50 – 100 mm bigger.

  • The fireplace will be installed level with the finished floor. Accommodate for the height of the flooring material (tiling, parquet, etc.). Tiling can be done before or after the installation of the fireplace. Below the fireplace, there must be no floor heating, air or smoke ducts, water pipes, electric wiring, compressible insulation, etc.

Tulikivi Technical Manual - Detailed Installation Information

Tulikivi Technical Manual

Tulikivi Technical Manual

Tulikivi product information and pricing.

DXF drawings for each model available. Please send us an email to request. Pricing includes installation in Washington state.